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What began as a simple but unique idea,

became the building block of one of the largest and most
innovative sinker manufacturing companies in the United States.

Today, Bullet Weights is reported to have the largest selection of fishing sinker products in the marketplace. Our unique
weights are distributed worldwide by major outdoor retailers, marine dealers, sporting goods stores and department stores.

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Slo-Troll Crappie Rig

Slo-Troll Crappie Rig

The Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Slo-Troller is designed for slow trolling from the front or back of your boat up to 2 MPH. Troll Tech Pro-Troller is tied with #2 crappie hooks 18 inches apart with a Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Double swivel torpedo weight in the middle and a cross line swivel on top for "No More Tangles"! Troll Tech Slo-Troller will allow you to Slow Troll at various speeds in open water over stump beds and ledges where crappie live! Catch Them Two at a Time!


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