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A swivel arm and unique two-hook design makes Bullet Weights® new Troll Tech™ Spot Rig a perfect tool for saltwater anglers targeting spot croakers (aka spots), speckled trout, flounder or baitfish.

"The Troll Tech Spot Rig is a modification of an innovative product we introduced into the crappie market last year," Bullet Weights President Joe Crumrine said. "It's designed to prevent line twisting while vertically trolling or fishing in current with a two-hook system. We know this rig has worked well in freshwater applications and many of our customers feel it will work just as well in certain saltwater fishing applications."

Bullet Weights specially constructed stainless steel rocker arm serves as the key component of the Troll Tech Spot Rig. The vertical arm extends a total of 11 inches, with an additional horizontal arm positioned toward the top of the rig. A snelled hook with mono leader is tied onto the horizontal arm which is on a swivel and can rotate freely a full 360 degrees. The weight of the rig is embedded near the middle of the rig, with a swivel attached to the bottom of the vertical arm. A second snelled hook with mono leader is tied to the bottom swivel for a perfect double-hook setup for vertical presentations whether trolling, fishing in current or stationary tight-line fishing.

The Troll Tech Spot Rig is available in one- and two-ounce sizes and includes two hooks with each rig.

Bullet Weight Products

Bag (comes with two #4 gold Aberdeen snelled hooks attached)

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SPOT1 1 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186302566
SPOT2 2 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186302580


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