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Troll Tech Crappie Rig

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The design of the Troll-Tech crappie rig allows anglers to use one complete rig to Tight Line Troll, Spider Rig, Slow Troll or vertical fishing techniques. The Troll-Tech crappie rig is easy and quick use, you can tie one on in seconds ready to fish. The Troll-Tech crappie rig is designed to be able to catch fish two at a time!! The top section on the Troll-Tech crappie rig spins 360 degrees that will prevent tangles and line twist while trolling or vertical fishing. Great for night fishing too!!

Mr. Crappie
Bullet Weight Products

Zip Lock Bag - Natural

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Pieces per Pack Pcs/Pk

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MCCR38 3/8 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919122
MCCR12 1/2 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919146
MCCR34 3/4 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919160
MCCR1 1 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919184


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