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Double Down Crappie Rig

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The Mr.Crappie Double Drop Rigs are design to fish vertically, Slow Troll or the technique called "Pushing". The Double Drop Rig allows the angler to fish vertical or troll with two #2 hooks, 15 inches apart loaded up with Live Shiners. The Mr.Crappie Tuxedo Black crappie sinker allows the angler to stay in touch with the structure at all times keeping the Live Shiners just right above the structure for an easy meal for crappie.

Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Double Drop Rigs have a Mr. Crappieswivel at the top of the rig, two loop knots with plenty of distance between the #2 Hooks to catch two at a time! Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Double Drop Rigs comes Ready To Fish and No More Tangles!
Crappie anglers don’t waste precious time tying your own rigs while out on the water when you could be fishing.  Let Mr.Crappie Troll Tech Double Drop rigs save you time and money while your on the water catching Big Slab Crappie!!

Mr. Crappie
Bullet Weight Products

Double Down Crappie Rig (case pack: 36 bags)

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MCDDR14 1/4 oz 3 rigs/ea 089186918507
MCDDR38 3/8 oz 3 rigs/ea 089186918545
MCDDR12 1/2 oz 3 rigs/ea 089186918484
MCDDR34 3/4 oz 3 rigs/ea 089186918521


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