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Scott Petersen Biography

Based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Scott Petersen is an expert multi-species angler with decades of experience as a guide and competitive tournament participant. In addition to serving as a tackle manufacturer consultant, Scott has carried his passion to the public. He conducts numerous...

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Carolina Quick Rig

If I had to pick one way to present bait to bass it would be using a Carolina rig. Once I learned the nuances of this presentation it became my “go to” rig when I needed a kicker-fish to round out a tournament bag. The Carolina rig can be a deadly presentation for big bass. One of...

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Split Shot Rig

While growing up, my father used to take me to area trout streams near our home pursuing brown trout and natural brook trout. On one such trip, when we arrived at the stream we headed to the first deep pool. Wading across the river to a grassy bank on the other side, we sat and watched the water...

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Drop Shot

The last couple years there has been a lot of buzz about the bass fishing technique called drop shotting. Drop shot fishing started in Japan and was brought to the United States to be used on the crystal clear lakes of California where it was critical to be able to catch bass that relate to...

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Bottom Bouncers Without a Twist

For many years fisherman have been using sinkers to get baits to the bottom of their favorite lakes and rivers in pursuit of fish.  Along the way we have made some strides in sinker styles but one of the biggest strides made was when the bottom bouncer sinker was introduced.  Bottom...

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