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Carolina Short Cut

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Bullet Weights Tungsten Carolina rigs come pre-assembled for quick and easy tie-on. The rigs are similar to the traditional brass Carolina rigs, but with tungsten weights. Tungsten weights are much smaller than brass weights in the same size allowing you to fish heavy cover with fewer hang ups. Each end of the rig has an "R" bend allowing you to easily change rigs and leaders. The rigs include tungsten weights with glass and steel beads. The rigs are available in ½, ¾ and 1 ounce sizes.
Bullet Weight Products

Clam Pack - Natural

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TGNCSC12 1/2 oz 1 pc 089186711443
TGNCSC34 3/4 oz 1 pc 089186711467
TGNCSC1 1 oz 1 pc 089186711481


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