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Crankbait Downrigger

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The latest addition to the Mr. Crappie® Troll Tech™ product line from Bullet Weights® is uniquely designed for precise crankbait presentations when crappie fishing.

The heavy weight on the Mr. Crappie Troll Tech Crankbait Downrigger Weight carries a crappie crankbait down deep and keeps it at a more constant depth. The Crankbait Downrigger Mr. CrappieWeight consists of an 11-inch wire arm with a weight imbedded approximately two-thirds from the top. The main fishing line is tied directly to a loop at the top of the wire. A crappie crankbait with a four-foot fishing line leader is tied to the swivel at the bottom of the wire. The Mr. Crappie Troll Tech Crankbait Downrigger Weights by Bullet Weights come in two- and three- ounce sizes with two per pack.

Mr. Crappie Tip:
"This weight system is ideal for a technique I call 'pushing a crankbait'," said Wally Marshall, aka Mr. Crappie. "I typically will rig up two to eight rods, up to 18 feet in length, with the Crankbait Downrigger Weights. The rods are then placed in rod holders at the bow of the boat like outriggers." I then use the trolling motor on the transom of the boat to "push" the crankbaits in a trolling technique. The Crankbait Downrigger Weights take the crankbaits down to a controlled depth and keep them in the strike zone. "This method doesn’t restrict fishing from only the front of the boat," said Marshall. "Additional rods with these same rigs can be fished from the back of the boat as well."

Check all local fishing regulations when using multiple hooks and rods.

Wally Marshall talks about the Crankbait Downrigger with Chester Moore from Texas Fish and Game at the 2011 ICAST show.

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