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Troll Tech Crappie Rig

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The design of the Troll-Tech crappie rig allows anglers to use one complete rig to Tight Line Troll, Spider Rig, Slow Troll or vertical fishing techniques. The Troll-Tech crappie rig is easy and quick use, you can tie one on in seconds ready to fish. The Troll-Tech crappie rig is designed to be able to catch fish two at a time!! The top section on the Troll-Tech crappie rig spins 360 degrees that will prevent tangles and line twist while trolling or vertical fishing. Great for night fishing too!!

Mr. Crappie

Zip Lock Bag - Natural

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MCCR38 3/8 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919122
MCCR12 1/2 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919146
MCCR34 3/4 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919160
MCCR1 1 oz 2 rigs/ea 089186919184

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