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Bottom Bouncers Without a Twist

For many years fisherman have been using sinkers to get baits to the bottom of their favorite lakes and rivers in pursuit of fish.  Along the way we have made some strides in sinker styles but one of the biggest strides made was when the bottom bouncer sinker was introduced.  Bottom bouncers allow fishermen to cover many different fishing conditions.

Many of us know if you put a sinker on the bottom of a lake with rocky conditions you will end up retying your offering many times during a normal day of fishing.  But with bottom bouncers the weight is positioned up higher on an L-shaped wire so that the wire hits the bottom preventing snags and breakoffs,  The bait meanwhile is positioned just off the bottom in the walleye strike zone..

However, one problem I have experienced with bottom bouncers is, that especially in current or when trolling, the weight will tumble and twist the line.  However, I have discovered the Ultra Sound Bouncer from Bullet Weights that has a uniquely designed swing arm that prevents line twisting.

There are several other unique features Bullet Weights offers with the Ultra Sound Bouncer.  The exclusive “R” snap swivel lets me easily switch bottom bouncer weight sizes and leader line without retying.  Since the weight is made from Ultra Steel, it is harder than lead and actually produces fish-attracting noise when it hits rocks or other hard pieces of structure.  The Ultra Sound Bouncers also come in several colors to select to match water clarity and fish preference.

There are several applications in which to use a Ultra Sound Bouncers whether it be with a live bait or an artificial lure.

If you are fishing walleyes, the Ultra Sound Bouncers are a great way to present a spinner rig tipped with a crawler or leech.  Pick the weight size you need to match the fishing conditions or the speed you want to present your offering.

If you’re looking to present artificial baits out of their running depth range, an Ultra Sound Bottom Bouncer is the way to go to get your bait into the fish zone.  Again consider the speed and depth of water you want to cover.  By adjusting the length of the leader you will be able to adjust the height of the bait from the bottom or in cover to put it in the strike zone.

In dirty or stained water conditions use a shorter leader to keep the bait closer to the weight as fish will key into the noise the sinker is making as it travels over the bottom. In off colored water conditions you will want to keep your leader length between 2ft to 4ft. If you are fishing in clear water conditions lengthen the leader to get the bait away from the weight, for this a 4 to 8ft leader is not uncommon.

The next time you need to present a bait outside of its limits or looking to keep your live bait in the fish zone longer without having to retie, tie on a Bullet Weight Ultra Sound Bottom Bouncer and start to fish.


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