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Color Code Your Sinkers

In the world of fishing there are things that are easy and things that are a little more difficult, with sinkers you would think that is pretty must straight forward. That was the case when all you used to have was a choice of lead as the sinker material, but with today’s sinkers there are more choices than just lead. Tungsten, brass, steel, and lead are common materials used now and each has a characteristic of its own in the sinker world, but how do you keep these different sinkers straight in your tackle box? For me I use the color factor.

When purchasing sinkers from Bullet Weights, sinkers come with color choices this is how I keep materials of the sinkers straight. Brass comes in it natural gold color, but when it comes to steel, tungsten and lead you have different colors to choose from. For me I get all my lead sinkers in natural color, for tungsten I choose black or green pumpkin. For steel I use brown or purple. By using a color system I can tell what material the sinker is made of in my tackle box helping me select the proper sinker material for the conditions that I am fishing.


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