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The Pegless Texas Rig – Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Every once in awhile I see something new come along that makes me hit my head with the heel of my hand and question myself: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

I now have a small indentation in my forehead thanks to a great innovative product that Bullet Weights introduced called Magnetic Bullet Weights®.  Like all anglers, the simpler it is the better I like it, and the concept of Magnetic Bullet Weights is as simple as it gets.

The whole idea behind this product is to make Texas rigging easier and more efficient.  Like most anglers, I have carried a bunch of toothpicks in my tackle box over the years to peg a bullet sinker to my line to keep it snug to my bait when Texas rigging.  What we have all discovered about this method is that toothpicks can easily nick up fishing line making it too susceptible to breaking.  I know I’ve lost a fish or two due to a damaged line on a Texas rig.

Bullet Weights has rubber T-stops and Screw-In weights that have proven to be great alternatives to toothpicks and each have their own set of advantages.  T-stops hold the sinker snugly and allow for each depth adjustment, but they still squeeze the line a bit and also require minimal trimming.  Screw-in weights are a great way to keep your weight secure to your plastic bait especially fishing in heavy cover conditions.  They also secure the hook position when casting and retrieving.

But we all knew there had to be another option… pegless rigging.  So, Bullet Weights, the manufacturer of the original bullet-shaped worm sinker, simply took this great invention and added a very strong magnet to the bottom.  What this does, is allow an angler to simply insert the line through the weight, tie on a hook, attach the plastic bait leaving just the tip of the hook eyelet exposed, and they’re set.  When they slide the sinker down to the hook it attaches itself and stays in place.  However, if you do get a hard strike, the weight will detach and be clear of interfering with the fish on the hook.

Once again Bullet Weights continues its business credo, “Give anglers the widest and best options of fishing sinkers possible.”  The Magnetic Bullet Weights are indeed the best option in certain Texas rigging fishing applications.


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