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Tungsten, Steel, Brass or Lead

There is a business saying one of the keys to a successful business is Location, Location, Location well in fishing you could almost say the same thing. Good fishermen pay attention to details and that goes all the way down to the sinker that they pick to use on their line can make a difference...

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Picking The Right Walleye Sinker

Picking the right sinker is a big part in having a successful day on your favorite lake chasing whatever fish you are after but in walleye circles your sinker choice may be a little more critical than just choosing a weight to get your bait to the bottom. When fishing around rocks all the time...

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Color Code Your Sinkers

In the world of fishing there are things that are easy and things that are a little more difficult, with sinkers you would think that is pretty must straight forward. That was the case when all you used to have was a choice of lead as the sinker material, but with today’s sinkers there are...

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