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It Just Makes Scent(s)

Anglers have been discussing the importance of applying scent to their bait presentations for several years now.  After all, research has shown that fish have a much higher sensitivity to smell than humans.  For instance, bass have a five times greater sensitivity of smell and catfish 45 times greater sensitivity of smell than humans.

And we also know that scent is used by feeding fish for two primary reasons: to locate food; and to determine if what they are about to eat really is food.  Water clarity can put an even greater emphasis on scent.  In stained or muddy water, fish depend on scent to an even greater degree to locate food since their vision has been reduced.

I must admit when all the spray-on scents and impregnated scented baits first came out I was a true skeptic.  But I have seen the effectiveness of using scent in bait presentations and I have become a true believer.  It is difficult to determine for sure if using formulated scents attract fish or simply mask human scent, but the bottom line is they are effective.

One of the most highly effective ways I have discovered to apply scent to a bait presentation is to use PermanScent™ Ultra Steel® sinkers from Bullet Weights®.  These are the only sinkers I have found on the market that are impregnated with scent.  The porous property of steel allows Bullet Weights to inject the scent right into the sinker.  The scent is slowly released when the sinker is submerged in the water.

Since the scent is in the sinker you don’t have to fool with messy apply-on scents or worry about reapplication.  And since the scent releases slowly, it will outlast most other scented baits even after hundreds of casts.

In addition, the PermaScent sinkers are made of UltraSteel so they offer anglers other performance advantages over lead weights.  Steel is harder than lead so it is much more sensitive and allows the angler to feel the bottom and what is happening to the bait.  Steel also makes more noise when hitting hard objects under water which can attract curious fish, an even more important aspect in dirty water.

Bullet Weights offers selected UltraSteel sinkers in two strong PermaScents, garlic and crawfish.  Using scent in your sinker can give you a performance advantage and is certainly a tool to consider.


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