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Picking The Right Walleye Sinker

Picking the right sinker is a big part in having a successful day on your favorite lake chasing whatever fish you are after but in walleye circles your sinker choice may be a little more critical than just choosing a weight to get your bait to the bottom. When fishing around rocks all the time your sinker choice can be a little difficult, then put the walleye in a finicky biting mood and you have the combination of a tough fishing day in the making.

Bullet Weight hands down makes the best walleye sinker known to fishermen with it Ultra Steel Walleye Sinker. The adjustable line eye allows me to adjust the angle that the sinker rides on the bottom giving me a better feel of what is going on and it also allows me to change sinkers without having to cut my line. That is critical when trying to put together a pattern with what the walleyes want on certain pieces of structure that you are fishing. Before; changing depths many times meant you had to change your sinker size. This took up valuable fishing time having to cut your line, change sinker sizes and retie every time you made a change. But with Bullet Weights Ultra Steel Walleye Sinkers all I simply do is take off the current sinker and change the sinker to the size I want without having to cut my line. Changing sinkers is that easy, no more cutting your line to make a change.

Also with the sinkers being made out of the Bullet Weight Ultra Steel material I have a better feel of the bottom. Ultra Steel transfers more feel than traditional lead sinkers do allowing you better feel of bottom conditions. These facts alone many times allows me to down size my sinker size and still clearly feel what is happening. With less sinker weight the walleyes have a tendency to hang onto the bait longer allowing in more hookup by the end of my day of fishing. 


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