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Not all Screw-In Sinkers are Created Equal

Screw-In sinkers have been on the market for a few years now and are very popular to use in certain fishing applications.  Screw-in sinkers typically have a wire device imbedded into a bullet-shaped weight that allows anglers to attach and keep the bait right next to the sinker.

For example, I prefer using this “one-piece” presentation approach when flippin’ baits into heavy cover.   I do not want the sinker and bait to separate when I am punching through cover such as lily pads or weeds.  I want to have confidence that my one piece presentation stays that way or otherwise I might as well be fishing a jighead.

Through experience I have discovered that not all screw-in sinkers are the same.  Bullet Weights® makes a Screw-In sinker that includes a patented plastic line guide molded in with the wire bait holder.  This guide is designed to keep the line from being twisted around the bait holder when the bait is being attached to the sinker.  This is an important feature to prevent line damage that could cause a break when you set the hook on a big fish.  The plastic line guide also makes it easier to attach the bait straight assuring proper motion of the bait in the water.  Other screw-in sinkers do not have the plastic guide making your line susceptible to damage.

Bullet Weights Screw-In sinkers are available in tungsten, steel and lead.  Color options include natural, black, watermelon pepper green, transparent red and transparent purple.


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