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Tungsten, Steel, Brass or Lead

There is a business saying one of the keys to a successful business is Location, Location, Location well in fishing you could almost say the same thing. Good fishermen pay attention to details and that goes all the way down to the sinker that they pick to use on their line can make a difference in a successful day of fishing. In the sinker world we have 4 different sinker materials to choose from and each in its own is unique to it material.

Tungsten is the hardest of the 4 materials and will transmit the most feel back to the fishermen making it an excellent choice to use when fishing in and around rocks. Another benefit of this material is it size. Of the 4 materials tungsten has the smallest profile.

Steel is next in line it has a larger profile of all but is very good at relaying back to the fishermen feel. It can also be impregnated with scent to help in attracting fish to your offering. This is definitely a sinker to use in your fishing.

Brass has a special characteristic of sound. Of all the materials in the manufacturing of sinkers brass can be made with rattles or other features. Brass alone hitting against the bottom will create the most sound making it a top choice to use in dirty water conditions where fish will need help in finding your offering.

Lead is the most common of all the sinkers mainly because of cost and ease of working with the material. Lead in many applications is still the most versatile and widely used in all of fishing but at times when feel of what your bait is doing there can be better choices. For general weed fishing lead is still the fishermen’s best choice. 


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