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Feel Your Way to More Walleyes

Ask any diehard walleye angler the key to catching big walleyes on a consistent basis and you’ll get the same answer over and over.  Make the bait presentation look and feel natural as possible.  In the grand scope of things, the sinker is a big part of a natural presentation.  With this information in mind, make sure to pay more attention to the sinker you use in your natural presentation and don’t just think of it as putting weight on the line to make it sink.

Being able to know what your bait is doing by simply feeling the line is critical to catching big walleyes.  Having sensitivity in your fishing line also let’s you know if you are fishing rocks, gravel or mud, which helps determine the type of presentation you want to use.

Bullet Weights® offers walleye sinkers in their Ultra Steel® product line that provides extra sensitivity to help gather some of this important information.  Steel transmits more feeling back through the fishing line than lead does.  It gives you a better idea what type of bottom you’re fishing and what is happening to your bait.

By teaming the Ultra Steel sinkers with an adjustable line keeper, you can adjust the line angle.  This keeps line drag to a minimum when you get a bite.  The smooth surface of the wire line keeper also creates less line friction reducing the risk of damage.  Giving walleye a drag free line is critical when the walleye takes the bait because the slightest resistance can cause walleyes to sense something is wrong, resulting in a dropped bait.

Another advantage of Bullet Weights Ultra Steel walleye sinkers is the ability to make fast sinker changes without having to cut the line and retie every time a weight change is needed.  In addition, the special tapered back design of Bullet Weight walleye sinkers reduces snagging, meaning your bait stays in the strike zone longer.

Keep in mind the importance of sensitivity next time you tie on a sinker to go walleye fishing and consider using Bullet Weights Ultra Steel walleye sinkers. By using Ultra Steel will have a better understanding what is under the water and what is happening to your bait.

Ultra Steel walleye sinkers from Bullet Weights are available with PermaScent™ in crawfish and garlic scents.  Available colors include orange, chartreuse and natural.


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